Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time on the Island - Day 6

Well, it's almost been a week. The days have flown by, but I've seen so many cool things that it feels like I've been here a month. Some kind of weird rip in the space-time continum where time goes slow and fast at the same time. Today was a perfect example of that. This morning I saw a White Shark eating a seal. Then, in the afternoon I saw a Gray Whale (my first ever). In the evening I saw 5 species of shearwater, a type of seabird (Buller's, Sooty, Pink-footed, Flesh-footed, and Short-tailed, for those who care). Finally, this evening I heard Cassin's Auklets singing (a small seabird that breeds on the island). It's just one thing after another, and before you know it, the day's over. Once you start to think about all that has happened, you can't believe all of it happened in one day. Surely some of it must have happened the day before? Go ahead, check your notebook, it's all there under 10/28. I guess time moves faster in the present than it does in your memories.

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