Sunday, October 25, 2009


If all went according to plan, I would be writing this entry from the mainland.  When you talk about going to or leaving the island, you should always follow it with "weather dependent."  This is the first time that I've been delayed due to weather, so I guess it's a new experience.  I should have gotten on a boat this past Saturday, along with a few other crew members.  The wind and swell combined to make for some very rough seas.  We are hoping to get a boat out here tomorrow.  I'm trying to enjoy the extra couple days I've been given on the island, though I was looking forward to getting back.  The winds that created the weather problems also leave very few birds on the island.  

Since no boat came, we didn't get a new shipment of food and are running low on certain items.  We have no fresh vegetables, no eggs, no milk, no beer, and a dwindling amount of cheese.  We aren't in danger of starving, but making dinner is becoming challenging.  Usually, we are well stocked and can make some really good dinners.  I had the pleasure of cooking tonight.  Luckily for the last shop I had requested tortellini, a good base to start with.  I ended up making the cheese tortellini with an olive oil, garlic, and black olive sauce topped with copious amounts of parmesan cheese.  As a side I thawed some frozen corn and peas and tossed it with butter and salt.  Whilst fishing out the frozen veggies, I discovered a large amount to frozen berries.  Turns out sorbet is basically pureed and frozen fruit.  After a bit of fighting with the blender I created a mango, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry sorbet.  Not bad.

Hope my next post is from the mainland!
Elephant Seals

California Sea Lion

Harbor Seal sleeping in Jewel Cave

Crab in Jewel Cave

Wind blown wave at sunset

Up at the lighthouse

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