Thursday, October 9, 2008

The past few days

It's been quiet the past few days birdwise, but there are some interesting things happening on the island. The main thing going on is the roof work on the powerhouse. That roof also holds the solar panels that provide most of our power (we have generators for extra power and backup). All the panels had to be taken down, then the old roof torn off, and then a bunch of guys were helicoptered in to put the new roof on. So we've had up to 18 people on the island. Way more than normal. It's a little annoying, but the work needed to be done and they'll be leaving tomorrow. They've been using a Coast Guard helicopter to ferry supplies out and old roofing material back. That is also annoying and disrupts our normal sea lion noise. Pretty neat to see one of these helicopters (a Blackhawk) up close.
We had a Burrowing Owl show up the other day that we banded last fall out here. That's amazing enough, but it also choose to hang out in the exact same spot (Rhinoceros Auklet burrow #312). Pretty cool.

Winds whipping up Maintop Bay

The view from the lighthouse in heavy fog

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