Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The internet has been extremely spotty, so this post is about a week late. We had some very strong winds for about three days. It was probably blowing 30 mph on average with gusts up around 50 mph. Those are the strongest winds I've ever been in. Fun for a little while but not for three days straight. During this time they were trying to put a new roof on the powerhouse. They couldn't work one whole day, but got up there and finished the job in some pretty strong winds. Needless to say almost all of the landbirds left the island. All they had to do was jump and they would have been blown all the way back to the mainland. Some of the gulls had a tough time walking around. You could see them bracing themselves as the staggered behind a rock or one of the houses. I was knocked off balance by gusts a bunch of times. An interesting experience, but one that I'm glad is over.

The ocean whipped into a frenzy

The beard in fierce winds at the lighthouse

Sea foam froth

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