Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Night on the Rock - Day 40

Well I leave the island tomorrow, so tonight is my last night. The seas are looking a bit choppy tomorrow, but still fine for a boat to come out. A sail boat will come out tomorrow morning, drop off four biologists, and then we'll get on the boat and sail back to the mainland. I'm ready to go, but not ready to go. The time flew by. The birds have slowed down though, so I'm ready to go somewhere with birds. There are supposed to be 16-18ft swells on Tuesday, and I'm bummed to miss that. Got to take the opportunity to leave tomorrow. Gotta run and do some cleaning and packing. I'll write one more entry when I get back, when I have more time and reliable internet. If things work out I'll be back next year.
Last sunset....

Fully bearded and happy

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Tony said...

Markus, nice beard, it suites you. We've got frost on the ground. I had to clean and start up the wood stove last night. It's gonna be a long winter.